Wonderful Start / by Mohammed Ismail

Hey guys, what is up!

It has been just over two weeks since I started my Faces of Qatar project and the response I have received from you folk has been fantastic. I already have ten faces up on the site (here) and several others, which I am currently editing.

You can already see from the few that are up on the site how beautifully diverse Qatar really is. Hopefully this project will held us rethink the way we view and understand one another. One of the volunteers even told me Qatar's diversity helped her understand herself more. 

If we learn to utilise the diversity that is within us all, we will soon come to the conclusion that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

We humans are social creatures. Throughout history we have always thrived when working in groups or teams, seeing diversity as an asset rather than a barrier. 

Everyone out there has a different way of viewing the world. Now, imagine for a minute we were to put aside our differences and instead share these ideas, philosophies and beliefs and as a result bring about a more lively, vivacious and flourishing society. In a word, synergy.

The Faces of Qatar project can achieve a lot of things with your help. Consider it a step in the right direction.