Faces of Qatar :: An Intro / by Mohammed Ismail

Hey guys, what is up!

After some long planning, I was finally ready to announce my latest project - Faces of Qatar (#facesofqatar - for you twitter lovers out there). The good people at Doha News and Qatar Living were kind enough to help me get the word out, so a shout out goes to them for being so cool!

The motive behind the project is:

Since moving here from London in 2011, I have seen many different nationalities, but have been disappointed by the lack of mixing between them. Arabs mingle with other Arabs; Asians mingle with other Asians; Europeans mingle with other Europeans and so on.

This is a stark contrast to what I was used to in London. Thus, the aim of my project is to make people re-evaluate their perception of the other people living here and to encourage the different nationalities to meet and to get to know one another.

The project aims to show the ethnic diversity of Qatar. 

I look forward to hearing from you wonderfully diverse people :)