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I was born and raised in Libya, where I spent the first four years of my life.

I moved to England soon after, where, over the years, I would live in four different cities and attend five different schools.

My love for photography started during my first year of law school. I purchased a Casio Exilim and set about practicing the art of composition, using only natural light to shape the images.

My passion for the art grew to such an extent that I decided to save up what little money I could muster as a law student and splashed out on a SLR camera – the Canon 450D.

The start of 2011 saw the beginning of the civil war in Libya – an event which would change several aspects of my life. Libya’s very first independent satellite channel opened up in Doha, Qatar and was looking for volunteers. I dropped what I was doing in London (a boring office job) and flew out to Qatar to help set up what would later become the leading source of news for many Libyans during the civil war.

Whilst at the channel, I snuck into Libya via the Tunisian border and met many anti-Gaddafi fighters, documenting what I could with my camera.

I have since documented the local culture in Qatar, whilst also undertaking my latest projects, ‘Faces of Qatar’ and 'Doha 100'.

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